Dinner Party Menu: Classic Steakhouse

I grew up in the Midwest; the land of cows, corn, basketball, bibles, and whiskey. Though I’m a city girl through and through, friends from all over the world always enjoy the small town, homegrown feel of Kentucky.

Louisville has grown up quite a bit since my childhood. Where there were once chain restaurants and overpriced theatre menus, there are now locally-owned coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops. Downtown, smattering Main and Market Street, are a slew of dive bars, ritzy hotel bars, eclectic museums, fine dining, and food trucks. I’ll admit, though I now travel frequently, Louisville has given me reason over and over again to stay (or at least visit often).

Anyone who grew up in the Midwest knows that if you want a fancy night on the town, the mostly likely choice is a steakhouse with hunks of meat the size of cast iron skillets, family-style side dishes, and heavy cocktail pours. In Louisville, that steakhouse is Jeff Ruby’s. With its Art Deco inspired decor and live jazz, it’s a local favorite. When I visit, I like to sit at the horseshoe shaped bar, order a Kentucky Bourbon, and start with oysters and a sushi roll. From there, I move into a ribeye or strip steak, a handful of side dishes, and round it all out with a martini or negroni.

Since we’re all still in quarantine, and the majority of higher-end restaurants haven’t reopened yet, I decided to recreate a classic steakhouse meal at home complete with king crab, foie gras topped porterhouse, roasted mushrooms, pimento mac and cheese, sweet corn fritters, and smoked salmon sushi.

Steakhouse Dinner Party Menu:

  • Split King Crab with Spicy Cocktail Sauce
  • Foie Gras Topped Porterhouse
  • Caramelized Worcestershire Roasted Mushrooms
  • Pimento Mac and Cheese
  • Sweet Corn Fritters with Garlic Aoli
  • Smoked Salmon Sushi

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